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Support Our Cause

Donations of artifacts

You can help us preserve this unique story. Please visit our store and purchase merchandise, buy lottery tickets, and attend our plays.

Join us on events: come out to help clean us the site, come see the plays, stay up to date with what we are doing. Like and share with your friends.

You can also join the society, and come along to our meetings. We need members to get involved and help. Please contact us for ways to donate to or join the cause.

Please be assured that any item lent or donated by you to us will be handled by us with all due care and reverence. We follow the Nova Scotia museum process.

We are interested in items from New France or the era. Books, postcards, tools, photographs, memoirs, household items, costumes etc.

If you would like to see full documentation of the process, please contact us.

You can loan or donate items. A loan can be for a specified or unspecified length of time. Acknowledgment can be included when the item is on public display.

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