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Special Announcement

We have recently partnered with the Pines Resort and Spa, Digby N.S., to organize various activities and events.

The first important event will be a documentary and talk on Africville, the historic African Canadian community on the shores of Bedford Basin, given by Juanita Peters, Executive Director of the Africville Museum and Bernice Arsenault, former resident of that community. This is in celebration of African Heritage Month and will deal with discrimination and racism and the positive things which have happened since the unfortunate bull dozing of that community.

The second exciting event will be dinner and theater on february 24th and 25th in the Digby Hall celebrating the day and month of romance, "A Romantic Interlude... with a Twist".  This is a delightful comedy about love and misunderstanding. 

Current Events

Clean Up (by Digby ATV Club) Sept 18, 2021

With an amazingly hard working volunteer crew of over 30 from The Digby County ATV Club and the Annapolis County ATV group, known as ACAMUTS, we had an extraordinarily successful clean-up day at The Electric City/La Nouvelle France site on Saturday, September 18th. Almost two years of Covid had kept us away from taking a group to the settlement for maintenance, so this was a major milestone for our Society. 


And what a crew they turned out to be! With a few explanations from our Co-Chair, Stacey, the volunteers seized the initiative and the day and tackled the many challenges: in particular, several downed trees were cut up from the Big House foundation and from around the wine cellar; a wood chipper donated by the Digby County ATVers never stopped chewing up branches from those trees and the many bits of deadwood cut from the site; grass was whipper  snipper and lawns were cut; garbage was cleaned up and brought out; and three large barbecues, made and donated by AF Theriault & Son Limited, were cemented into place for the use of campers and ATVers; and everyone contributed to a general tidying up. 


Around noon, we treated the group to a tasty barbecue prepared by some of our Board Members, with a delicious dessert of blueberry and raspberry muffins made and donated by Roberta Journeay.What a day! 


Our Board and Members sincerely thank the many volunteers who were so generous with their time and energy.

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